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My company KwaRC specializes in method of qualitative data collection and computer-assisted analysis. I offer interview, method and software training, and project consulting. On this website you find my offer of workshops and seminars, as well as links to useful resources.



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I offer the following workshops

  • Introduction to computer-assisted qualitative data analysis

  • Conducting qualitative research interviews

  • Workshops on ATLAS.ti and MAXQDA (introduction, advanced, team work)

  • Computer-assisted Grounded Theory analysis

  • Computer-assisted thematic analysis



I offer​​

  • Consultation tailored to your project needs regarding methodological issues and questions related to computer-aided analysis, e.g. with ATLAS.ti / MAXQDA / F4 Analyse.

  • Consulting for team projects ranging  from project set-up to data management, data analysis and assessing intercoder reliability.

  • For master and doctoral students: I can guide you through the analysis process from project set-up to report writing, or you can call on me for selective advice at different stages of your project whenever you need input.

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info (at) kwarc.nl  |  Tel: +31 (6) 39205531

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